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        Netflix’s latest addictive series, “Too Hot to Handle,” has been the new talk of quarantine since its premiere on April 17, and as we continue to sit inside our homes, we can’t help but wonder what those horny young adults are up to now.

        Unlike the streaming platform’s other popular dating show “Love Is Blind,” which sought out to eliminate the physical appearance concern when finding love, “Too Hot to Handle” uses the contestants’ attractiveness as a tool against them. Singles on this show are fined for any sexual contact from their $100,00 communal prize. It’s a concept so ridiculous you can’t help but tune-in.

        Filming may have wrapped over a year ago, but here’s a look at what the cast has been up to and which couples are still together.

        Francesca Farago



        Farago is still dating Harry, but they are not currently quarantining together. She is splitting her time between Los Angeles and Vancouver, modeling and running her bathing suit company, Farago the Label.

        Harry Jowsey



        Jowsey is still in a relationship with Frankie. He has also moved to Los Angeles since the show wrapped and started his own clothing brand, Naughty Possums.

        Chloe Veitch

        Veitch is still modeling in Essex, UK. The 21-year-old also mentioned that she has been inseparable from fellow contestant O’Brien since filming. They plan to live together and start a joint podcast.

        Nicole O’Brien

        O”Brien has since moved from Ireland to London and is working on a lingerie line.

        Haley Cureton


        Cureton is living in Jacksonville, Fla. and attends the University of North Florida. She has also launched her own personal YouTube channel, Haley Cureton.

        Sharron Townsend


        Townsend is living in New Jersey, working as a model and was most recently in Fetty Wap’s “Fresh and Clean” music video.

        Rhonda Paul

        Paul is no longer with Townsend due to long distance reasons, but they still remain in contact with each other. Paul is currently living in Atlanta, taking care of her son Amari, and running her jewelry company PureLuXX.

        David Birtwistle

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        When you find out Lana’s rewarding personal growth and not just getting into a couple ?? . This was one of the best parts of @toohotnetflix because it shows that you don’t have to have a girl/boyfriend in order to progress in life. . It made me see that when we work on ourselves and make us better, we can then make a future relationship better. . All too often we jump back into a relationship because we feel safe there, without really reflecting on the last one or thinking about how we can become better people first. . For me, the three things I want my next girlfriend to be are outgoing, considerate and self aware. And obviously top bants ?? . What are the top 3 personality traits you want your partner to have? . #actionsreflectpriorities . #relationships #toohottohandle #netflix #personaldevelopment

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        Birtwistle is living in London as a fitness and nutrition coach for his company, Endeavour. He is also a Nike training ambassador.

        Bryce Hirschberg

        Hirscheberg is still living his best life on his boat in Marina del Rey, Calif. He has also shared that his relationship with O’Brien has since been long distance due to the quarantine.

        Matthew Stephen Smith

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        ????????#toohottohandle ????????

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        Smith has relocated to Los Angeles from Colorado and is the chief operating officer of branding company Dream Katchers Enterprise. He is also an actor, model and is currently serving as president of the brand, M8W.

        Madison Wyborny

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        If she ain’t a hustler she a bill

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        Wyborny is working as a stylist and model in Los Angeles.

        Kori Sampson

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        New face of @fashionnovamen ??

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        Currently living in the U.K., Devon is working as a personal trainer and a model.

        Lydia Clyma

        Clyma still remains to have a close relationship with the other contestants. She recently did a video with Hirschberg for her YouTube channel.